Music Clips

AUDIO - Live Demo Tracks:

I'm Falling (Live): ImFalling.mp3
Playing With My Head (Live): PlayingWithMyHead.mp3
Summer & Wine (Live): SummerandWine.mp3
Better Leave It To Me (Live): BetterLeaveItToMe.mp3
Sinking (Live): Sinking.mp3
POP Song (Live): PopSong.mp3

VIDEO - From Davey's Uptown 6-20-2003

Playing with my Head : (2:56) 5.41 M (DSL/Cabel)
Blame it on the Music (2:54) 5.49M (DSL/Cabel)
Palindrome: (2.10) 4.11M (DSL/Cabel)
Maybe I'm Crazy: (4.17) 3.2M (DSL/Cabel)

VIDEO - From Waldo's Show 3-14-2003

Sinking (Candid Live Video): (3:03) 11.5 M (DSL/Cabel)
Better Leave It To Me (Candid Live Video): (1:00) 3.8M (DSL/Cabel)
Hideaway intro (Candid Live Video): (0.15) 2M (DSL/Cabel)
Die Young (Candid Live Video): (0.29) 1.9M (DSL/Cabel)

Video - Underground Footage: Date Unknown
Take It Away (Underground Video): (4:46) 3.5 M (DSL/Cabel)


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