ClusterPuck Band Biography

"Proof that pop was meant to rock"

    Clusterpuck…an original, 4 piece pop-rock band from Kansas City featuring a hard-hitting girl on drums.

Two members of the band are childhood friends and all four members attended the same high school together. Drummer Aimee Sheffler, Bassist John Koehler, Guitarist Anthony Simone and Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitarist Patrick Meagher bring a diverse palette of music to the band.

With Aimee being the "purely" trained musician in the bunch, John's passion for mainstream music and MTV (which he claims keeps him abridged on the latest trends), Anthony's James Hetfield goatee, and Patrick's insatiable Beatles obsession, it's amazing the band sees eye to eye on anything. But the 4 have managed to put together one of the most refreshing and original rock acts to hit the scene in a long time.

Clusterpuck's music has been described as a contemporary blend of 60's pop melodies mixed with hard rock chords and Marshall crunch… think the Monkees with attitude. Likewise, the band's main focus is quality songwriting because each member holds onto the belief that good songs will always stick out in a sea of cookie cutter pop bands.

In the year the band has been together, they have garnered quite a following in the KC area. The band first tasted success in April 2002 when they won a "Battle of the Bands" contest sponsored by a local university and claimed the opening spot for the national acts Mesh STL, Cabo, and KC's Pomeroy at a Kansas City college RockStock. Since then, the band has gone on a college tour playing at various college campuses in the KC area and too many parties to count.

The band recently recorded a live demo featuring 6 original songs intended to showcase the band's talent for songwriting and stage presence and, without promotion, have already sold over 250 copies. With the success of the live demo and eager fan reaction to the songs, the band plans to enter a local recording studio to track a full-length album in February 03'.

Clusterpuck is quickly gaining momentum and a strong fan base in the KC area. The 4 members have committed themselves to making music until there is no more music left to make…or until John quits the band to pursue his life-long fantasy of joining a Boy Band.


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